Industry Certification






Become Industry Certified and Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Set yourself apart by becoming a Certified Cash Flow Specialist with a concentration in either Real Estate Notes or Lawsuit Funding. The Cash Flow Institute offers you extensive training in each subject. Earn the Certification logo and place it on your business cards, letterhead and website.

Certified Cash Flow Specialist – Real Estate Notes

You will learn everything you need to know in order to become proficient in Real Estate Notes. Certification comes with the Cash Flow Institute’s Real Estate Manual. This manual is in PDF format and builds on all of the knowledge you have accumulated from the “Building Wealth Together” Manual.

Become Certified Today – Manual and Certification Only $49

Certified Cash Flow Specialist – Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding is a growing area that offers you unlimited earnings potential. Our certification is based on Don Lane’s “Lawsuit Funding” manual. This manual is included with your certification purchase and includes everything you need to know to become an expert in the area of Lawsuit Funding.

Become Certified Today – Manual and Certification Only $149

More Certification options will be available soon!