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How to Cash In On The Discount
Mortgage Bonanza Waiting For You At
Your County Courthouse

by Leonard W. Stitt

Now–An Expert At Finding Notes At The Courthouse Shows You How To Master The Little-Known Methods For Conducting Simple, Precise Research For Profitable Note Deals–In Any Courthouse–Nationwide.

You know that finding notes is the life blood of your business. No matter what note finding strategy you use, or how a note deal comes to you, remember, your courthouse has every privately held note & mortgage recorded on public record. Those records have hundreds of thousands of dollars in note profits waiting for you to cash in on.

Now, you can start profiting from this huge bonanza of discount mortgages..and easily get access to those valuable records.

Why is your courthouse such a great way to find notes?

Actually, there’s many reasons. Here’s 5 of them…

  1. You can screen deals and determine for yourself if their good or bad.
  2. Build your own powerful mailing list of noteholders you know you can make an offer on.
  3. Get yourself a 15 to 1 better response rate than running ads.
  4. You cut out the referral fee middle man by finding the deal on your own.
  5. You can be selective and find notes that have high profit potential for you.

You can do all this and more at your courthouse…or any other courthouse in the country…when you know what you’re doing. Just a few spare hours each week is all it takes. You will always have a never ending source of high quality names of note holders. No wonder this is such a perfect way to find the best paper deals. More important, you’ll feel terrific about the kind of high quality, profitable deals you find. Your mailing list will grow and grow..faster and faster.

Is courthouse research for notes hard to do?

It can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ve seen people almost pull their hair out in anger trying to master the skill. Their rage gets the best of them and they give up. This won’t happen to you. I’ll take you by the hand and carefully guide you through the entire process–from the ground up. You’ll discover break-through research methods that wipe out the hassle. I’ll show you the right way to use your courthouse to find notes. You will get all my secret short cut methods. Techniques you’ve probably never heard of. These are simple methods that make your research easier, cost effective and profitable.

Here’s how…

Your courthouse is sort of like a shopping center or super market. You can shop and look for the best note deals from a huge selection. When you go to your market you’re looking for items with the right ingredients, the best price and highest quality. You do the same thing when you research for notes. You will walk into your courthouse armed with knowledge that locates the best paper. You won’t be wasting time. I’ll show you how to find workable note deals. I’ll teach you how to easily examine the note. You’ll have the power to quickly figure if the deal’s worth messing with.

All the names you mail to will be high quality. You won’t be wasting time on deals that won’t work. My research methods will keep you clear of time wasting courthouse procedure. You will have the know how to move away from things that aren’t profitable. And, you’ll discover a sure-fire method to determine where the noteholder is located. I’ll show you some powerful detective strategies for locating hard to find note holder addresses. You won’t be pumped with false promises on how much money you can make. You will get honest facts on what to expect and how to be cost effective in the process.

Plus, you’ll get my marketing strategies. These methods will get you business like crazy, from the deals you find at your courthouse.

You even get my direct mail package. This package has all the sure-fire letters and cards you’ll use to get business. They pull in responses like magic. Their already written for you and ready to go. I know what I’m talking about. My program isn’t some pie-in-the-sky theory, it’s all based on thousands of hours of personal experience doing real-world courthouse research. You will get matter-of-fact information from someone who’s been doing courthouse research, and dealing in notes since 1985.

I know this program will work for you because it’s complete, simple to follow and proven. It’s detailed and exact. Plus, it’s essential to your success. It’s a real turn-key, ready to use note research system. I call it: 

“The Inside Secrets Of Effective Courthouse Research For Privately Held Mortgages & Notes”

When you get your program I’m sure you’ll agree…this is a reliable mortgage, trust deed, or real estate contract research system. I’ll show you how to start cashing in the moment your courthouse research package arrives. But I won’t mislead you. Nothing of value is going to fall in your lap. You must put in some serious effort to be successful. There’s no get rich overnight scheme. You need some ambition. If you agree with these truths you can succeed with my courthouse research system. I’ll help you along the way. I’ll be standing by if you need support. I’m just a phone call away. You can try this unique note finding research system for one full month…risk free.

There’s nothing like this program anywhere. But see for yourself. Use the system and start building your mailing list. Discover for yourself if my note finding system is everything I say it is. I’ll give you one full month to prove it to yourself. Here’s how….

Click on the link below to order today.

I’ll rush you the complete system by priority mail. If for any reason, you feel the system is not for you, just return the program undamaged anytime within one month and… I’ll buy it back from you. No questions. No hassles. Fair enough?

Now…are you ready to start cashing in on the discount mortgage bonanza at your courthouse? My system will help you do it. So go ahead with confidence.

You’ll be happy. I promise.


Leonard W. Stitt

P.S. Remember, my system shows you how to easily identify hard-to-find privately held mortgages, trust deeds, real estate contracts, land contracts and contracts for deed–in any courthouse–nationwide.

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