Google Ads

Pay Per Click – A form of advertising where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad

Keywords – These are words that some one would type in when they search on a search engine

Negative Keywords – These are words that are similar to what you are advertising but not relative to your subject

Cost Per Click – This is how much you are willing to bid for your ad to appear

Daily Budget – This is how much you are willing to spend on a daily basis on your ad campaign

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Prior to ordering, please check to see if this service is currently being offered.

Over 75% of all internet searches in the U.S. are done on Google. Note holders are like everyone else, when they want to sell their note, many of them will just Google “who buys notes” or “I want to sell my note”. So it makes sense that you advertise on Google and put yourself right in front of all these potential sellers. Google advertising may sound expensive, but it’s not. The great thing about advertising on Google is that you get to decide how much you will pay for your ad to appear and how much you want to spend each day. You can start out in your local market (this is what we advise you to do) for as little as $50 per month, even less if you want to or you may spend as much as you like. We have done our research and after speaking to numerous referral agents we have found that many of our agents want to advertise on Google but just don’t know how to set it all up. We are changing all of that and now you can leave the set up process to us by selecting one of the following options for setting up your advertising campaign on Google. Keep in mind that you must have your own website in order to advertise on Google and you will also need a credit or debit card in order to pay Google for your ads.

OPTION I – $299 Order This Option

We do everything needed to set up your Google Ads account. This includes creating your ads, setting up your keywords and negative keywords, targeting your ads in the area of your choice, and creating your daily budget. Once we complete your set up then you are ready to begin your ad campaign on Google. When your account is up and running we will then schedule a training session with you and show you how everything works on your account. Then after a couple of weeks there will be a follow up call to make sure you understand how everything works and also to make any necessary changes to optimize your ad campaign. You must have your own website in order to select this option.

OPTION II – $349 Order This Option

This is the same as Option I but comes with one of our professionally designed websites. Domain name and website hosting not included. Domain names can be purchased for less than $18 and website hosting is $15 per month. This option is perfect for someone who doesn’t have their own website and wants to learn how to market on Google.