Lawsuit Funding


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“Legal Funding Today” by Don Lane

This is an excellent training manual (in ebook format) that provides you with everything you need to make money in the lucrative Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Niche. The Lawsuit Funding Process really works and author Don Lane is proof of that. Don has completed millions of dollars worth of Pre-Settlement lawsuit deals and he provides you with all his secrets for success.

This exceptional 134 page PDF ebook manual will take you from business start up to completing deals over and over again.

This manual will teach you:

  • How to set up your Lawsuit Funding Business
  • Marketing Techniques that Really Work
  • How to Create a Residual Income
  • How to give a Business Building Live Presentation
  • Networking for Long Term Success

You will also receive:

  • Sample Advertising Copy
  • Sample Flyers and letters that are Super Effective
  • Sample Scripts on how to Speak Directly to Attorneys
  • Industry Certification through the Cash Flow Institute when selecting Option #2

Add Lawsuit Funding to your existing Cash Flow Business today and you will be adding additional income to your bottom line.


As soon as you place your order you will receive Instant Access to this great guide and now you have two excellent options when you place your order.

OPTION #1 – “Legal Funding Today” Downloadable Manual $89

*If you select the website option you will receive a Basic Template website and the hosting cost is $15 per month.