Website Set Up Instructions

Our goal is to make the process of setting up your website as easy and seamless as possible. Just follow the four easy steps below and your website will be up and running very quickly.

Step 1: Select and Pay for a Hosting Plan

A hosting fee is charged to every website that is found on the internet. We charge on a monthly basis and offer 3 hosting options. Please select the one that best fits your needs and pay for your first month of hosting. Your account will be billed for one month and then will be set up to bill each month on the same day for as long as you want to keep your website active.

Basic Hosting Plan – $15 Per Month – Includes a Free SSL Certificate

Plus Hosting Plan – $17.99 Per Month – Includes a Free SSL Certificate and Blog Page

Premium Hosting Plan – $19.99 Per Month – Includes a Free SSL Certificate, Blog Page and Back Office Access to Make Changes

Special – Prepaid One Year of Premium Hosting – $129.99

Step 2: Domain Name

The domain name is the address of your website. As an example, we use so is our domain name.

Already Own a Domain Name:

If you already have your own domain name then proceed to Step 3.

If You Do Not Own a Domain Name:

If you do not already own a domain name then you will need to purchase one. Follow the steps below.

Click Here to set up your Charter Financial Web Services Account

Click Here to Purchase a Domain Name

Step 3: Point Domain Name

If you purchased your domain name from Charter Financial Web Services we will point your domain name to our server and you may move on to Step 4.

*If you purchased your domain name from GoDaddy or another provider then have them point your domain name to our server, the IP Address is

* You may purchase a domain name from any company of your choosing but please note that if you do purchase from a company other than Charter Financial Web Services then we will not be able to assist you in pointing your domain name. There are companies such as Namecheap that make it very difficult to point your domain name, the easiest way is to go through Charter Financial Web Services because we will take care of all of this for you.

Step 4: Select a Template

Decide which website you would like.

View Templates

Step 5: Complete and Submit the Build Form

Complete this form and submit it to us. This form lets us know which template you would like to use along with your name or company name, contact information and lets us know which email address you would like the quote submission forms to go to.


Complete Build Form