There are four easy steps you take to make money working our program.

  1. Locate Note Sellers

  2. Make Offers

  3. Refer the Deal to Us

  4. Deposit Your Money

It is really that easy when you work with Charter Financial because we have streamlined our program so that your main job is to Find Note Holders for us and get them to accept your offers, after that we take over and do all necessary paperwork and due diligence in order to close the transaction. Here is a breakdown of each step.

Locating Note Holders

Your entire focus will be to FIND NOTES for us purchase so therefore we provide you with all of the marketing methods that you may use to find notes and you simply choose which method(s) fit your schedule and your budget and then use those method(s) to locate as many notes as possible. For example, finding notes on the internet is one method that we teach and a great place to start. You can either place free ads on as many websites as possible, research courthouses for notes (we teach this method as well), place pay per click ads on Google (we teach this method too), or do some “Reverse Marketing”. Reverse Marketing is where you find homes that were recently for sale and being sold with owner financing (homes from 6 months to 2+ years ago) and using our methods, you contact the sellers and see if they would now like to now sell their note. This method is very low cost and an easy way to locate notes, from the comfort of your home.

There are many ways to locate notes but the number one method is to use a direct mail campaign. Of course you will need a list of names. We teach you how to research court records to find an unlimited amount of notes holders that you may mail to (either letters or postcards – samples are available on our member website). Don’t have time to research records online? You can always purchase a list of names through a reputable company – like us!

Making Offers

The great thing about this business is that when you do your marketing people will actually respond and ask You to help Them get the money they need (no real selling is involved). When people respond to your marketing efforts all you do is ask them the questions on the Quote Sheet that comes in your package. These are really simple straightforward questions that the note holder will have the answers to. After obtaining the information you may either email it to us, submit the information through our online submission forms or you may fax the information to us.

As soon as we receive the information from you we will work up an offer for you, usually within 24 hours. As in all cases, we will make an offer to you and then you are free to subtract your fee from our offer and then make the new offer to the client. Let’s again use the following example.

Our Offer to You: $100,000
Your Offer to the Client: $95,000
You Make: $5,000

The average fee that our agents charge ranges from 3% – 6%, on the above example the fee was 5%. Our agents have the freedom to decide how much they want to make on each and every transaction, even up to 10% – 20%+ in some cases. We know of no other business where this is the case and is another great reason to work this business. After calculating your fee you then make an offer to the client and when they accept you proceed to step 3. Something of importance to note here is that when you send us the quote sheet we do not ask for nor want to know who the note holder is; we are only provided that information after your offer is accepted.

Refer the Deal to Us

When your offer is accepted then you provide us with the note holders name, telephone number, accepted offer amount and best time to call them. We will then contact your client and introduce ourselves and will email or fax them a purchase agreement and request certain documents from them. At this point you can either stay involved in the transaction by helping us obtain all of those documents, ordering the appraisals, doing title work, setting up the closings, etc. or you may simply hand the deal over to us and our professional processing staff will do the rest of the work for you, either way your fee stays the same. You might wonder how you are protected on each deal and the answer is simple. First of all, our agents are our lifeblood and we would never circumvent them, secondly we have all agents sign our Referral Agreement that states that we will pay you the difference between what we offer and what you offer the client on each transaction. As stated above, we will never know who your client is until your offer is accepted.

Deposit Your Money

It takes us on average around 2-3 weeks to complete all of our due diligence on each file and then we fund the transaction. Since we are a national company we always arrange for the note seller to close at a title company or attorney’s office of their choosing, one that is in their area. When our due diligence has been completed and we are ready to fund, we will send the closing agent the required paperwork and we will wire the funds to them. The note seller will go to the closing, sign the paperwork and receive their funds. We will pay you the same day either via a bank wire transfer or company check. It’s that simple and easy! All you have to do is follow those four steps and you are on your way to making great money and having financial independence.

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