Charter Financial is based in Houston, Texas and was founded in 1997 by Leland von Syring. Leland is the President of the company and has overseen the company’s growth over the last two decades into one of the largest buyers of privately held notes in the country. Our company mission is to help as many people as possible obtain cash for their owner financed mortgage note and at the same time help as many people as possible learn the business, so in turn the maximum number of people can benefit from our services.

Our company was built from the ground up and our continued success depends on the efforts of our Referral Agents who use our proven techniques to locate as many notes as possible for us to purchase. We pride ourselves in the fact that we work together with our agents, every step of the way and we only make money when they do. This business arrangement ensures that our agents receive the best training and support available and ensures the long term success of our company.

Leland von Syring
President of Charter Financial

Leland von Syring graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Upon graduating college, Leland began his career in the restaurant business and eventually owned and operated two successful restaurants in Houston, Texas.  Seeking a career change after the birth of his son, Leland became interested in the note business and founded Charter Financial in 1997.  He learned as much as possible about the business by attending seminars and conventions then decided to expand his business by developing his own network of referral agents. In 1999 Leland published the first edition of “Building Wealth Together”.

He continually updates the manual and has made numerous revisions to it over the years to reflect the changing methods that are available to referral agents today. Leland’s passion is to help new agents learn the business. He has built a staff around him that handles all other functions of the day to day business so that he can focus his attention on offering support to new agents. All new agents are surprised to learn that Leland is actually available to speak with them on a daily basis.