Today I wanted to explain to you the different types of income streams we purchase
and how you can profit from them simply by working a few hours a week from your
home or office.

Charter Financial purchases privately held “Notes”. Before I go further it is important
that you understand what a “Note” is. A “Note” is short for Promissory Note and is simply
an obligation to pay something over time. We purchase the “right” to receive the payments
that are paid on a note in exchange for providing the note holder with a lump sum of cash.

There are several types of notes that we purchase, but our main focus is on real estate notes.

Owner Financed Mortgage Note:

This occurs when a home seller offers to finance the sale of their home to the
buyer. The home seller in effect acts like a bank and instructs the buyer to give
them a down payment and then pay out the “note” over the next 15, 20 or even
30 years. This type of deal happens daily all across the country and is our main
focus. There are literally billions of dollars of owner financed notes currently available
to be purchased and literally millions more created on a daily basis.

Other types of notes we purchase.

Structured Court Settlement:

These are settlements that are paid out by insurance companies who are liable for
many things such as a car accidents, personal injury settlements, medical malpractice, etc.
These awards are almost always paid out over time in the form of an annuity, paid by the
insurance company. The types of “notes” are also created daily all around the country.

Seller Financed Business Notes:

This segment of our industry is EXPLODING. These types of “notes” close daily and
result when a business owner sells their business to another individual and finances
it for the them. The business seller takes a down payment and usually finances the
business for anywhere between 3 to 10 years. This market potential is enormous
and we estimate over 50 billion dollars worth of business notes in existence at the
present time. The reason is because it is hard to obtain traditional bank financing on
a business and business sellers are forced to offer financing for the buyers.

Lottery Winnings:

These types of “notes” are the least common simply because there are not that
many lottery winners. However, we estimate that there are approximately 100,000
lottery winners in the U.S. who receive payments over time. When a referral agent
locates one of these they feel like they have won the lottery due to the enormous
referral fees on these types of deals, ranging up to $100,000+.

The above will hopefully help you understand exactly what our company does.
Our company mission is to purchase as many notes as possible and with your help
we can accomplish our goal and you will earn great money at the same time.

We will teach you how to find these Notes using many proven methods. There are
literally billions of dollars of “notes” in existence at the present time and very few
individuals looking for them. We work with you so that we can both profit, that is
why we call our program “Building Wealth Together”.

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